Chores, or The Big Man in the Orange Rubber Rain Suit

The Club Theater, LaMaMa etc.

Written by Michael Gorman and William Gorman
Directed by Michael Gorman and William Gorman

"Mike's characters are quirky but relevant. They live on the edge emotionally and psychologically... [They] also have the ability to laugh at themselves in self deprecating humor.

Leslie Lee

"Albees wrenching "The Zoo Story," and Friedman's slapstick "The Temp" are indeed off the beaten path, but they are not even close to being as obscure as "Chores." As a result, "Chores" is the one that sticks out in the memory.

Dan Tapper

Synopsis: A series of comic turns for four "regular" folks—a one-armed mechanic, a fundamentalist cleaning lady, a thirty-five year old paperboy and a paranoid logger—whose path to salvation is through their daily chores.