The Annex Theater, (Now The Ellen Stewart Theatre)
LaMaMa etc.
June, 2002.

Written by Michael Gorman
Directed by Simon Hammerstein

"Dance, music, lighting, and puppetry all take the audience into the protean world where myths reside and legends are created. If "Counting Coup" demonstrates the relationship between the athlete and the warrior, and the dreamer and the artist, it also illustrates the connection between ritual and performance. "Counting Coup" doesn't really need academic explanations or artistic justification. Even for those technically ignorant of both the techniques of soccer and the rituals of Sioux warfare, "Counting Coup" is deeply emotional and joyously entertaining theater."

New York Theatre Wire

Synopsis: Counting Coup portrays a dreaming soccer player's journey into the past and the realm of myth as he seeks to discover a way to lead his team to victory in a championship game. Featuring dance-puppetry, soccer choreography, original live music and Mohawk Indian shamanic ritual.