The Club Theatre, LaMaMa etc.
March, 2002.

Written by Michael Gorman
Directed by Michael Gorman

"Back to the artist chart. Insane implies that the person is a victim of mental illness. So I didn't put Mike in that category. But if insanity were considered Healthy + free + creative to the most complete sense of creative + spontaneous + fun + boundary-less hop aboard never been there before what's behind this rock ART, then okay, Mike's at the far edge of the chart."

Carolyn Chute, The Beans of Egypt Maine

Synopsis: It's just another day at the office in the well ordered life of Bill McVort, until Al Holiday shows up. Al's taking the business world by force, no prisoners, and he's got the suit to do it in. He's got nothing to hide, but Bill's got a few things locked away in the closet. Gowns and wigs? Nope. Wrong closet. Just a battery operated cheese slicer, a years supply of Turtle Wax car care products and the very frank Frank Guinea, office assistant exstraordinare.