NYC 123

The First Floor Theater
LaMaMa etc.
March 1994.

Written by Michael Gorman and William Gorman
Directed by Michael Gorman and William Gorman

Synopsis: Mike's NYC premier with The Fabulous Giggin' Bros' featuring two short absurd plays written by Mike, Biffing Mussels and Conversation Pieces, and a third, A Random Act of Violence, co-written with his brother Will. Read the Village Voice review for a take on Biffing Mussels and Conversation Pieces.

A Random Act of Violence--Two rabbits move in next door to Bob Jones, a United States Postal Service worker, whose hand has been disfigured on the job. The rabbits keep up a cynical running commentary on the depressing state of Bob's life as they follow him to work one day where he is promptly fired by his boss who gleefully claims that he "has a reputation to uphold of pushing otherwise normal people into committing unspeakable acts of desperation." Bob goes on a rampage, shooting 19 people, only to be acquitted of all charges following a brilliant courtroom argument for, and demonstration of, the randomness of Bob's actions by the rabbits, turned Defense Attorney and star witness.