The First Floor Theatre
LaMaMa etc.
June, 2001.

Written by Michael Gorman
Directed by Michael Gorman and Rick Gomez

"...Mike isn't afraid to take chances as a writer. His dialogue is crisp and adventurous. His plots are filled with surprises and dramatic unpredictability that keeps us involved... He uses his words not as an aggressor to force us into submission but as a seductive agent to draw us across the mystic gulf into the play itself."

Leslee Lee

Synopsis: A beloved local swamp is threatened by a real-estate developer from Poughkeepsie, inspiring a new-found harmony in a Massachusetts community of fractured farmers, car mechanics, country matriarchs and a trickster boy who transforms into a beaver. There is an allegory at work—the community is to be taken as the American family and the play as a serious statement on what's missing in it. The play includes live-music, dance and a beaver puppet operated by one of the characters.