Part II of The honor and Glory of Whaling (Trilogy)
Dates, Dec 2007, January 2008

Written by Michael Gorman
Co-directed by Michael Gorman and Dave Bennet
Staged by George Ferencz

Synopsis: An epic tale that follows the fate of legendary New England fishing captain Robby Foerster and his boat "The Northern Star". After a fatal first encounter with heroin—the "Great White Whale" of the modern fishing community--Robby falls deeply into addiction. The play explores the role of myth and storytelling as both sustaining and destructive forces in a Northeast coastal fishing community, engaging the audience in a dramatic critical debate as to what extent tragedy, held to be inherent in the fishing community, might be avoidable.

"Mike Gorman is a wonderful, iconoclastic, fascinating playwright who has been working at La MaMa for more than two decades. I first got to know Mike when I saw his marvelously titled play 'The Honor and Glory of Whaling' which is actually about the high rates of drug addiction among fishermen in Mike's native state of Maine."

Martin Denton, Indie Theater Now