Synopsis for The Honor and Glory of Whaling:

The Honor and Glory of Whaling is a trilogy of plays that chart the rise and fall of a commercial fisherman. Inspired by the life and death of the playwright's oldest brother, a commercial fisherman, to a heroin overdose, the plays deal with the issue of addiction and Recovery in the commercial fishing industry.

"Think The Perfect Storm meets Trainspotting"

Synopsis: UltraLight is a play about a younger brother's struggle to help his older brother fight his heroin addiction. The play takes the form of a dramatic parable, with the younger brother cast in the role of a fisherman and the older brother cast in the role of a trout. Interwoven with the present-time action of the play is a mythical story that explores the lessons to be learned from addiction about the bonds of brotherhood, wilderness, story telling and integrity—what it means to be alive, "really and truly" alive.

Synopsis: An epic tale that follows the fate of legendary New England fishing captain Robby Foerster and his boat "The Northern Star". After a fatal first encounter with heroin—the "Great White Whale" of the modern fishing community, Robby falls deeply into addiction. The play explores the role of myth and storytelling as both sustaining and destructive forces in a Northeast coastal fishing community, engaging the audience in a dramatic critical debate as to what extent tragedy, held to be inherent in the fishing community, might be avoidable.

Synopsis: When old high-school friends Steven and Big John—an aspiring commercial fisherman and a long-distance truck driver—reunite on a hotel construction site in New Bedford Massachusetts in 1988, the stage is set for a fishing and drug fueled adventure worthy of the elusive pursuit and chaotic final chase of Moby Dick.