Part III of The Honor and Glory of Whaling (Trilogy)
Dates, 2000 (NYC premiere)

Written by Michael Gorman
Directed by Michael Gorman

Synopsis: UltraLight is a play about a younger brother's struggle to help his older brother fight his heroin addiction. The play takes the form of a dramatic parable, with the younger brother cast in the role of a fisherman and the older brother cast in the role of a trout. Interwoven with the present-time action of the play is a mythical story that explores the lessons to be learned from addiction about the bonds of brotherhood, wilderness, story telling and integrity—what it means to be alive, "really and truly" alive.

"With T.V. becoming so blah and weird and isolating and controlled, and movies so all alike, more than ever, people need theater. Theater is alive and direct. it is even on the edge of being a powerful forum, a time of give and take. It has the potential to embrace thousands more than it does, once that becomes a goal. That always seems to be Mike's goal. He speaks to the whole bunch of us."

Carolyn Chute, The BEans of Egypt Maine

"Mike Gorman has written a beautiful, moving play about his brother ... "Ultralight" uses the principles of fishing as a metaphor for one brother's attempt to reel the other in from the dangerous waters of drug addiction. "

Boston Phoenix